The second time in school to rampage

Mangakahia Area School, a country school 25km west of Whangarei, went into lockdown on Monday as a precaution after the student, armed with a pair of scissors, broke four windows while walking around the school.

Police were called and took the student home.

Principal Jacqui Tyrrell says she invited students to raise whatever concerns they had after speaking to them on Tuesday.

She said a counsellor spent time speaking to a class whose windows were broken, and the counsellor would speak to year 1-6 students on Wednesday to talk about how they feel.

Counselling time is also being made available for any other students.

The student involved, currently suspended, apologised when he and his family met with Ms Tyrrell on Tuesday.

Ms Tyrrell said the school has been in contact with a number of government and support agencies.

"All staff and students managed the situation well and no one was hurt," she said.

vendredi 14 juin 2013 10:24

Based on the present market of mobile power products

Mobile power supply with the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers in addition to guarantee the quality of the product, and also in the face of efforts, only to decide the unique mobile power products to allow consumers to sweep away the aesthetic fatigue hk gift & premium.

Mobile power supply has the characteristics of portability, practicality, solves the outdoor cannot give mobile phone, tablet computer charging problems, to bring customers the life convenient and highly recognized, especially by chasing sticks intelligent mobile phone consumers. With the expansion of market demand, mobile power industry is developing rapidly, many people have mobile power as a kind of necessary equipment life, both bearing in mind, and mobile power supply is more and more strong practical by friends as a gift between, moving the power involved in the gift market natural advantage.

In the just-concluded April Shenzhen spring gift show, home furnishing life gift will be the main part, mobile power exhibited become another big attraction exhibition. Many mobile power supply manufacturers have launched their own special products, including Walker series mobile power Shenzhen Yoplait Shi Technology Limited launched the popular attention hk executive gift.

It is understood, Yoplait official mobile power Walker series is currently a total of three products, the appearance is black and white and white, the surface of the plug pattern processing, to touch a matte texture. Its originality comes from real life people longing for a simple life, product description has such a few words: "busy color shade, who is not for it with? Laughing eyes look, Walker eyes containing black and white light. The real Voyager will master to his energy for the pure target. Old, love."

Yoplait Shi on-site service personnel told the editors, to come to the Advisory booth merchants basically will focus on understanding the walker series, also have a in the on-site consultation visitors said Walker series of rough look when a little inconspicuous, but more and more beautiful, more and more cultural and philosophical taste in life among them, he is now third times to Yoplait Shi booth, first at first glance didn't see any value left, the second look and other contrast, think Walker series of gifts definition in the realm, third to May to talk about cooperation, and ready to Yoplait Shi company investigation. Yoplait Shi booth responsible person said, they have received dozens of similar customers to visit the company, customers are like pure black or white, like an ascetic, love the spirit of artistic conception hk gift and premium fair.

Mobile power supply with the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers in addition to guarantee the quality of the product, and also in mobile power products of conception under the time, only to decide the unique mobile power products to allow consumers to sweep away the aesthetic fatigue hk gifts and premium.

mardi 07 mai 2013 10:09

The turning point in life

The concept is enough to make every normal person has a turn the world upside down change Hong Kong Gifts and Premium.

If we want to achieve I only dare to think, dare not to say dream. So today we should correct their mentality. What kind of attitude will decide what kind of action, what action will produce different results. Correct attitude is the greatest difference, but also the greatest turning point.

There are two kinds of people in the world: one is negative, a positive person. Negative is also a variety of reasons to reduce their own dreams, so that they become an ordinary person; and actively is to study hard, work hard, do not reach the goal will never give up that one, the final success. Often find reasons and excuses people not want to succeed, but to escape from the reality in search of relief or. So shut up in himself. Ask friends to a life imprisonment prisoners, how did he know the outside world become more beautiful. That is because he can't understand. For example, through the network, media, news and so on can be understood, they did not have such a condition. And we don't like, we can be friends, network, media, news and so on many channels to understand Grandmart promotional premium.

We cannot wait for the opportunity, we must learn to seize the opportunity. It is more important to learn to create the opportunity. God gives each of us the most fair is time, he gave each of us are the same, to see how we go to seize the time, use of time. Every day we are busy, even during the day and night, but what do we get? To finally get nothing, get the most is a very serious disease. That's because we're busy process, didn't pay attention to their physical health.

How to choose their own life and career is very important. Today you go on the road of no return or choosing an inappropriate career, then you will be what kind of outcome is predictable. If today you choose a can let your body health, also can make you get many tangible and intangible wealth cause. That your future will be what kind of results, depends on your hard work and efforts from. That is what you give to measure how much. So we don't go busy, we don't have to go to a meaningful, can reflect their own value of life. " ". Is the so-called than to choose.

When we choose to, we must straighten out their thinking and mentality. Learning is important, learning is used to arm themselves defense weapon, only to learn more, learn more. How many people have strong communication skills and ability to persuade. Because of this we can make more friends. Is the so-called friends, only way, a friend on a walk, we want to make friends on the need to go to the heart of communication. This will enable us to make the most real, the most sincere, the most long-term friends. To a friend or is likely to achieve, dare not go we imagined career. Ask that a career background successful, behind him no friends. So pay attention to the correct communication is our life Grandmart advertising premium.

We should have strong ambition and self-confidence of li! Strive to perfect self, play to our maximum for can, believe we can change our life.

mardi 26 février 2013 10:50 , dans Life

I have no words to say

I have no words to say, just want to give a smile to you, walking trail in the field of pollen quiet, mild flavor, brushless dc motor different mood, different scenarios. Find yourself, suddenly a little bit like you.

I don't have a I of what to say, just want to give a smile to you, maybe, I never regret it, a pair of blue eyes, can not return to the heart is sincere, who carved so deeply?

Perhaps, be hurt by love of a woman, not easily open the loving heart, perhaps, never hate perhaps, too numb to be cynical ... ... That does not belong to their own fate, I hid it was very deep, do not have words to say, gear motor just want to give a smile to you ... ... I can not forget the memories, I choose to own a person in the face of such love. This road, I walked for a long time, I have no escape, even though he was a kind of sad, is a kind of torture. I chose to continue the courage one day in the busy, already accustomed to such a lonely, accustomed to such a heartache, if you ask me, OK?

I have nothing to say, just want to give a smile to you ... ... For a long time, has not opened the diary, for a long time, no more new. For a long time, not to face my problems, my heart can't understand, why this time, brushless motor suddenly there is a little bit like you, so, I opened up my heart, deep breathing one point one to open their own memory, one point one points to open their own mood, after the turn angle, I choose to forget.

Really want to tell you: I have nothing to say, just want to give a smile to you ... ...

lundi 18 février 2013 10:50

The stars

Remember that day far away, on the roof overlooking the blue sea! Look at the rising sun, red sun in the childish face, then, seems to be the only innocent smile throughout childhood, no need to think too much! A summer night, the sky full of stars, the fate of the trajectory at change, suspected that the falling star! Who is in halfway off the stars? Let it wander alone in the universe ...

Since there is no reason to stay, then sorting the luggage, went to another country!

The rain xixilili ... The night was flashing lights, the shelter under the eaves of the who, choked with tears! The left hand holding the little bit of starlight hk business gift...

Or the under the eaves, who secretly by road lighting, looking at that not allowed novel ...

Gradually into the life, more and more get fuzzy, perhaps is really forget, and perhaps the pain do not want to think of, a few remember that summer, the night is still clear, lying on the grass, looking up at the stars, little little star, his right hand holding the stars, the stars in the sky left hand to catch, and is Jingying tears down the face, and the day side, star, fell together hk executive gift!

Do not know when, who became melancholy, but learned the sad mask with a smile! With their grief to enlighten others hurt habit!

Remember that night who, looking at the stars at night in a daze, seemed to thought of what! Smile with her left hand to pick a star, then hold the right hand of the stars hk advertising premium!

It is late autumn, the sky in a daze, then crying right hand of stars into the air ... But after a few days, who is crazy in the rainy night, picking up the lost stars ... Never thought, there will be so stubborn clinging to a star!

That year, the night, a boy after the meteor to the side of the road, the right hand holding a piece of stars. This year, the night, have a look into the distance the meteor boy roadside, right away a star ...

mercredi 06 février 2013 04:20


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